The Gateway Partners deliver top-quality translations and dictionaries

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Gateway Vertalingen is a professional translation agency. Whether into or from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Dutch, you can be assured that our translators will deliver an excellent end result. Translations that require close attention to detail and accuracy, such as legal, financial and economic texts, but also documents for the property sector, are our forte. You can be assured of a consistent and high quality of translations and prompt delivery at a competitive price.

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The Legal and Economic Lexicon is a dynamic, continually updated and highly reliable specialist dictionary. You will quickly find the perfect translation of the term you are looking for. The compilers have already researched all the various alternatives for you and come up with exactly the translation you need. The Lexicon contains tens of thousands of search terms and example sentences, and thousands of new terms are added each year. It is available online in Dutch-English, English-Dutch and Dutch-German, and as a download in Dutch-English and English-Dutch. If you find yourself regularly having to translate property terms from Dutch to English and vice versa, the Property Lexicon online is the perfect reference work for all your translation queries.